COSIGNED. i was so bizarrely endeared/attracted to him in that interview. like…wow, buddy. HUH.

YEAH i don’t even know. something about that profile and the clean-cut-yet-not look from the combination of suit + face scruff is really working for me wow

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I did that last night!

i just realized i’ve been doing this for the last few games i’ve watched ha ha ha my wallet thanks you, hawks >:(

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I’m in S4 right now. But I’m so MAD about this. This is ridiculous. wtf. how to fuck up the ending of a awesome series completely by the himym writers. I’m probs going to catch up with the seasons, and ignore the finale. Just not going to watch it.

oh yeah, i would totally recommend skipping the finale completely. it’s gonna be another one of those harry potter epilogue-what-epilogue situations for me :////

but tbh the show has been lacklustre for a while now, and you won’t be missing out on any comedy gold if you skip the entirety of the final season. otherwise, just stop at the penultimate episode of this season — it ends on a pretty good note and i regret not just stopping there ha ha ha

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I honestly couldn’t stand the finale, literally they undid everything they spent nine seasons making

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Yeah. I mean, there’s still over half of the third left, but seriously. So frustrated with this team right now.

yeah me too argh i’m so frustrated i want to scream >:( any optimism i’ve felt has left

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you’ve fooled them!

you can definitely count amy among the million who would disagree, obviously >:(

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:(((( poor bb raanta

i knooooow :((( when he sprawled on the ice and squirmed around without getting up, my heart. stopped.

hopefully he’s really fine and it was just a cramp >:(

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haha i THOUGHT you did! and while normally i would give anything to have tickets to watch the game, i’m kinda glad i’m not there right now >:(

so…. do you have enough alcohol to drown yourself with or?

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he’s okay thank god

thank fucking god argh my favorite players are not allowed to get injured >:(

scratch that. all hockey players should not be allowed to get injured >:(

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