Anonymous said:  i'm sorry. :'( it just popped in my mind and i had to share it. grief is lessened when shared, right? i can't imagine it either. i mean, who would dare do such a thing? make them opponents and all? i know some will say 'usa vs canada hello?' but that's different. i'm talking about them being hawks, yeah for life as you said. BUT. WHAT. IF. i need a hug.

fine i forgive you

you even get a hug :’)


yeah, as long as the two of them are happy with the organization and doing good, i don’t see any reason why their situation ever has to change. i don’t see only jonny as being an irreplaceable fixture on the team; kaner is too (and fuck all those TRADE KANER bullshit)!

ngl i do love it when they play against each other, because all the chirping and starcrossed shit between them is delicious. but not permanently ok, never permanently :’)

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